Succession Planning

Ngamanawa Incorporation is holding over $1 Million in unclaimed dividends, your help in locating these shareholders or their next of kin would be much appreciated.

A “missing shareholder” is either a shareholder for whom we have lost contact with (no address held) or a shareholder who is deceased. A missing shareholders or unclaimed dividend list can be found here

Missing Shareholder Form

If you are a shareholder and we do not have your current details, please download the form. Once the shareholder update form has been completed and returned you will be taken off the missing shareholders list and be entitled to any benefits including dividend payments.

Update Details Form


Succession is the process that passes Māori land from one generation to the next.

There are strict criteria around who Māori land can be passed on to.  This is to ensure that Māori land is kept with the people who whakapapa to it. Please note that succession is a legal process and must go through the Māori Land Court. We have had many whanau go through the succession process recently and have found it a seamless procedure.

Why bother with succession?

Succession maintains the whānau ties to the land that has been passed down.  It’s about you, your children and your mokopuna and their descendants being always connected to the whenua.

What do I do if I think I am entitled to succession?

The first thing to do is get in touch with the Māori Land Court.  They can help you find out about the land interests and what documents and information you will need to make an application to succeed.

You can:

  • Visit or ring your nearest court – the Incorporation can help you with this
  • Go to the Māori Land Court website to find out about applying for succession. We have provided a link to the succession page which can be found by clicking the link below

    Succession Information