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Benefits of being a Shareholder

  • To help you connect with your whenua
  • To attend and learn from wananga
  • To receive benefits including Education, Discretionary and Kaumatua Grants
  • The opportunity to receive an annual dividend
  • To help you connect with your whanaunga

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Grant Story

Grant Story

Ki te whanau o Ngamanawa

I would like to extend my greatest thanks to the whanau, hapu and iwi for supporting my journey at university. As a student it is hard enough to keep up with the number of stresses that come with studying, and financial stress always seems to trump all. Kai has to be put on the table, bills need to be paid, and gas needs to be put into the car that seems to scape through each warrant of fitness each time. Without the help and support given by whanau, hapu and iwi every day would be harder to wake up each morning and do all that we do here at university.
I am nearing the end of my university experience and will be graduating in December at the marae on campus here at Waikato University on the 13th of December. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here in Waikato preparing myself for eventually having a classroom of my own. There have been a number of ups and downs, but knowing that I had the awhi and tautoko of my whanau made each moment a learning point.
I cannot wait to give back to my whanau and community and the first step is to give thanks for the contributions that have been made towards my tuition, kai, rent, and many more things that require putea. 
With university nearing the end that does not mean that the workload eases up. I will be applying for jobs, hopefully attending interviews, and finally gaining a teaching position at kura where I can finally put all that I have learnt into practice.
Nga mihi tino nui ki te whanau, hapu, me nga iwi kua awhina I ahau mo nga tau e toru. 

Heremia Taingahue