The Ngamanawa Incorporation Discretionary Grant is designed to support individuals and community organisations in achieving their goals. A Discretionary Grant will provide support to individuals and other organisations which will enable them to pursue activities for their own benefit and for the benefit of their communities.  


Individuals must be a shareholder or descendant of a shareholder of Ngamanawa Incorporation. All grants considered will be at Trustees discretion.  

  • Only one application per annum per individual
  • The amount will be based on the level of representation and cost of the event

Individual Grants for Sporting and Cultural Pursuits will be considered for applications towards:

  • Travel and Accommodation
  • Events at International/National/Provincial level
  • Other purposes at Trustees discretion

The grant must be used:

  • To promote and support the individual to achieve his/her goals
  • To promote and support the individual to achieve his/her goals in representing NZ or their province in their chosen field
  • An invoice, quote or any other relevant documentation must be attached to application
  • Trustees will consider each application based on need and urgency and will be at the Trustees discretion

Please contact Tim on ngamanawa@outlook.com for an application form or further guidance